Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh Sunday, my friend

To celebrate the Sundayness of today, the sun, the lack of wind, rain and cold, I arose at the crack of 9am, having dragged my breakfast back to my cave and spent some quality time with Michael Connelly and a view of the mirror-like harbour. 

With no specific plan for the day, I started with some of yesterday's random purchases.  My workspace at home has been completely out of control, and some drawers found yesterday at a garage sale needed a quick facelift but were exactly the right size to sit on top of a wooden box which has been sitting outside the back door since it came home on a long ago Saturday.  A bit of sorting, a teeny bit of throwing out - you know my policy on such things- and its all looking terribly organised.  I even finished off a couple of unearthed projects as they surfaced.

 Buoyed by this success, I finally finished off a funny little cupboard - although I'm not wholly happy and will change the fish trim at some stage- which has gone to live on top of the fridge.

There was spare time for washing and for a tricky fish jigsaw, a bit more reading in the sun.  I also finally dragged a chunky wooden 'planter' which I bought at a garage sale indoors and transformed it into a bookshelf by laying it on it's side and stuffing books in it. ( I grabbed a book on Thursday morning and almost died in the avalanche. Something had to be done.)

That big flat thing will be the floor, then.  I am a domestic archaeologist.

I found an old and quite manky cushion at the op-shop on Friday, but I loved the design.  When I took it apart it was handmade tapestry, on vintage linen, and intact but grubby.  It was backed with a pretty little brocade, unfortunately with two holes.  Luckily, the piece was big enough to turn around and so after hand washing, re-blocking, and reconstruction, it's come up beautifully.  There's something special about saving something that someone has put so much energy and care into.  Just what I needed, another cushion.    
I keep thinking I should have a garage sale, but I can't find anything I really want to get rid of.

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